The First Post of Many (I hope)

There is, I think, a strong tendency for perfectionism among people of my generation.  I am no less prone to this inclination than the next man, and in building this website (my first ever attempt at such), I have at times felt an enormous weight to ensure that everything is done RIGHT.  And moreover, done right the first time.  However, the fact is that everything, and I really do mean everything, is really just a work in progress.  Some works in progress are simply abandoned when we at last determine that further work is impossible or will simply cause more harm then good, in which case we call them “complete”. 

This website is far from “complete”.  However, accepting the fact that it remains far removed from such an august state (which, God willing, won’t occur for quite a long time indeed), I nonetheless felt that I couldn’t possibly unleash it to the world with great voids everywhere.  As such, there are a number of pages where, if you should chance visit them at present, you will be greeted with a cheerful “coming soon!” or similar message.  Please overlook these for now, but keep checking on them now and again, for eventually they shall contain something more substantial.

If this website should appear very basic, simplistic, or otherwise amateurish to your eyes, there is a very good reason for it:  I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m doing!  At each step, I have groped my way forward in the dark, recoiling now and then as my fingers chance upon some pointy bit of HTML, or the sharp edges of a stubborn graphical widget.  It is my hope that I shall get better at managing these things and that this site will improve with time.  But until then, please bear with me, and do not judge me too harshly if my website looks as though it came from dark tombs of long buried internet history.

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