If you are reading this, then you are one of The Many Few who have come to know the secret of the Fairy Folk and their worlds.  

This great secret has been hidden from man since the dawn of history, and for good reason.  The unfathomable menace which the Fair World presents to humanity is a thing which is better left to the ministry of more capable hands than ours.  However, for those who through some chance have become involved with these terrible mysteries, it is vital that there be some understanding of the facts which pertain to them.  


It is for this purpose that I, Raldon of Tergil, take pen to write.


Of my own history I will say nothing, for it is irrelevant to this work and were I to become too well known I doubt that the Good Folk would continue to tolerate my little impertinences in writing about them.  I will simply own that at one time I was a professor at one of the great universities of the world, but in time I abandoned my fellowship in my pursuit of fairy lore. I have since made it my aim to document as much of this lore as I may be permitted to and to make it available to those who may be in need of it.

– The Histories of Raldon, Page 1


A warning to the reader!

The Histories of Raldon is an ancient text which contains a great deal of arcane and esoteric knowledge.  And some of this knowledge is quite dangerous.  As such, the reader is forewarned that should he or she choose to study this text further, they do so at their own peril!  Also, some of these articles may contain spoilers, but nevermind that…….

As I continue to transcribe extracts from this text (no doubt at grave personal risk), I will from time to time publish articles on this page containing information which I deem suitable and safe for public consumption.  Should these extracts contain especially dangerous content (or alternatively significant spoilers) I will provide a suitable warning.  Take care, brave reader, and may God have mercy on your soul!